Most frequent questions and answers

There is considerable emerging evidence for the unprecedented efficacy of Psychedelic compounds in mental health for problems such as:

    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Post Traumatic Stress
    • Addictions (smoking, alcohol & opioids)

There is also emerging evidence for the efficacy of these remarkable compounds in Peak Performance and Spiritual growth

Traditional psychotherapy can be expensive and time-consuming. It can take a very long time to improve wellbeing and get symptom relief. Traditional psychological and pharmacological intervention doesn’t work for about 30% of people.

Ketamine Enhanced Therapy (KET) is rapidly emerging as an intervention for depression and other psychological distress. Ketamine is not a psychedelic, but it does have the potential to access expanded states of consciousness. Ketamine, when combined with Psychotherapy, has more beneficial and long-lasting effects than either alone. This is also true for many SSRI’s.

Integration occurs after your expanded state of consciousness or inner, journey. This is a process between you and your therapist that helps you deepen your experiences and maximize outcomes to you in your life.  These outcomes may show in your career, relationships, spirituality, behavioral patterns, future aspirations, and so on.

You will likely have insights and experiences that you will bring back from your inner journey. The Integration work helps you make connections in your present life.  In time, your life transforms into one that you want and intentionally create for yourself. If you adopt some of the recommendations that will be made to you, then the Integration process can continue for a long time.

The future you can anticipate is the future you create for yourself. Integration with your therapist can accelerate your healing and recovery

The Setting refers to the physical space where you will journey. 

Given the current legal status of Psychedelic Drugs, we cannot offer a Setting, though look forward to the day that Canada adopts the policies of countries like the Netherlands, Portugal, Brazil or Peru. In the interim, we are pleased to offer Low Dose Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy.

The Set refers to how you prepare for a psychedelic journey. 

Thanks to our indigenous people and the groundswell of contemporary research, we have learned a lot about how to prepare individuals for their psychedelic journeys.

A major part of Psychedelic Psychotherapy is preparing Physically, Mentally and Emotionally.  Often overlooked in medical and psychological practices is the Spiritual Preparation for such a significant and potentially life-changing event. Whether one journeys in a remote jungle ceremony, a legal clinic, or a research facility, the Preparation in all these four areas is essential to optimize outcomes to you post Journey. 

For many, a psychedelic journey can be a blissful and divine or peak life-changing experience. But for some, it can be a terrifying experience.  While there is no reliable way to predict how a journey will unfold, it is necessary to be properly assessed in order to be fully prepared.  Careful attention to preparing for ‘what might emerge’ is a part of the Pre-Journey Preparation that we offer. We will assess your level of safety and let you know if you are a good candidate for psychedelic-assisted therapy. 

No, we do not provide or support the use of illegal substances.

No we do not know, nor do we do support unsupervised and illegal use of Plant Medicines.

No, given the current legal status of Psychedelic Drugs, we cannot offer a safe Setting for you to journey.